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Experiences in Saint Petersburg

In this little article I will tell you my impressions about Russia, a country full of surprises and many things that makes us want to visit again and again.

My experience in Russia begins in the winter of 2015, to be exact on December 28 of this year, this day I arrived to this country for only 10 days, arriving with the knowledge and stereotypes that we have most of the people outside this country; bears riding bicycles through the streets of the city, people drinking vodka through the streets and especially the cold weather and the white snow.

Why did I come to this country? the answer is simple, for love.sometimes we take the risk to live an adventure to go to another country, we arrive without the knowledge of the language, without knowing the traditions and customs and the most difficult is begin a new step in or life.

The first feeling I had when getting off the plane was the cold winter that was at that time, being below zero and I was just wearing a jacket, jeans and of course my baggage.With the illusion of leaving the airport and starting to live and feel the true essence of Russia, many of us have wanted to visit, at that moment I felt mixed feelings, sad to feel that I am far away from my country and my family and the feeling of being in a country that I always had the illusion. My adventure began when I went out to the streets, to see that sign in Russian "добро пожаловать" (Welcome), to start listening people speak in a different language and go to the taxi that it was waiting me to go to my destination, a hotel to spend the first night in a hotel near the Moscow square.

My visit to Moscow was only for a day to rest and of course, to visit the red square that people must visit when visiting Russia and in the afternoon of December 29th to go to Saint Petersburg, traveling by train.

When I arrived at the square I expected to see the amazing Saint Basil´s cathedral, one of the most emblematic buildings, of the country, the buildings that surround the red square I was impressed by the beauty that they have.In the afternoon I had to go to the railway station to go to my destination and the reason for my visit to Russia, it was to know the city of St. Petersburg.

For me it was strange at that time to use the transport, in a place that is far from what is known to me, the transport that I used was the subway to get to the railway station that would take me to Piter, as affectionately is called Saint Petersburg.

Russia offers different ways of traveling between Russian cities; bus, train, plane and car, but of course to feel that I was in Russia, I traveled on a train that is high speed it is called "SapSan", which is very comfortable and connects you between the two cities in an approximate time about 4 or 5 hours between both cities.

There are other trains that the time of arrival is about 9 or 10 hours, to use these trains is more advisable to do it, is during the nights, in this transport you have the option to sleep in beds or bunk beds that each car has and It really is a very traditional Russian way to travel, it is worth mentioning that it is a convenient way to do it.

The feeling of being traveling on a Russian transport was very satisfying, seeing the winter landscapes offered by Russia, full of snow, with trees adorned with white and having the emotion to arrive to the cultural capital of Russia.

Arriving in Saint Petersburg, the first thing you see at the railway station is a bust of Peter the Great, who was the founder of this city.when going out and see the buildings full of history, with a different style to Moscow.

Saint Petersburg is a city that I fall in love at first sight and that made me feel the sensation of being at home and the feeling of staying here for many more years.

Do you want to know how is the celebration of the new year in Saint Petersburg?

That is in the next vlog.

To be continued...



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